Online Lessons with Tate

Tate offers single and weekly lessons for all skill levels, from students just starting out to advanced players that gig and record. No matter where you are on your musical journey, Tate helps you reach your goals through his skilled feedback and diverse insights. Not sure how to begin? Below are some of the many areas of focus and a few simple requirements needed to start your online lessons.

Areas of Focus

If you're considering lessons with Tate, be prepared to communicate what goals you'd like to reach on the drums. With you in mind, Tate offers his trained and experienced advice on what to work on to become the player you wish to be.

Tate can help you with:

- Technique (Hands & Feet)

- Groove in Different Styles

- Reading Music/Charts

- Setting up the Drum Kit

- Independence

- Soloing in Different Styles

- Sound/Touch on the Drums

Cost and Requirements for Lessons

Each individual lesson with Tate will cost $20 for a half hour, and $30

for a full hour. Payments for lessons will be accepted through either 

PayPal or Venmo. It is ultimately up to the student to decide the length of their lessons, but it is recommended that if you are interested in multiple/weekly lessons, to start with half hour lessons, and if you are signing up for a single lesson to do an hour so Tate can cover more with you in one session. Make sure you are clear about how long you'd like your lessons to be when inquiring with Tate.

By signing up for online lessons, you must have a mobile device, whether it be a smartphone, laptop, or tablet that is able to run the Zoom meeting system effectively. If you have an Apple device and would rather use the FaceTime application, it can also be used for Tate to teach lessons. Please also make sure that you have a way to position your device's camera so that both your hands are visible while you're playing. Although it is recommended, you do not have to have external microphones hooked up to your device for sound quality while you're playing.

In addition to the electronic requirements that allow online lessons to run smoothly, please make sure that you have your drum kit set up and ready to go so that it is comfortable for you (if you'd like to work on your kit set up during a lesson, be prepared to move some things around if needed). You should also have a practice pad ready that you can sit on the top of a drum or on a separate stand, along with a music stand incase you have to look at a book or some sheet music (although there are no requirements for books or sheet music for your first lesson). 

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